CINQ Technologies received The World Class Manager Award – a recognition for outstanding in the global market

CINQ Technologies received The World Class Manager Award – a recognition for outstanding in the global market

Carlos Alberto Jayme, one of the Founders and Marketing and Sales Director of CINQ Technologies, received an award in the Executive category and Nôga Simões, Marketing and Innovation Coordinator was honored with the Academic Award

CINQ Technologies, Agile Software Services company, received on November 23rd in São Paulo the World Class Manager Award (WCMA). The ceremony is an IBS (International Business School) Americas initiative to prestigious professionals who stand out in their companies in the global market, recognizing talents and competencies of the Brazilian executive community.

Nominees for the WCMA categories are chosen by the public and then evaluated by an internal committee. All the ceremony donations are reverted to the chosen NGO of the year which in 2018 was the ARTE NA LATA NGO.

Carlos Alberto Jayme was chosen in 2018 to be awarded in the Executive category. Jayme holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from UTFPR, Post-Graduation in Business Planning and Marketing by FAE business School, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer by UTFPR and is one of the Founders and Marketing and Sales Director of CINQ Technologies.

Nôga Simões also received the Academic Award, for being an outstanding student of the Advanced Topics in Business Strategy program, organized by IBS at the University of La Verne on July this year.

Simões is Marketing and Innovation Coordinator at CINQ Technologies. Master´s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from State University of Maringá. MBA from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and Executive Secretariat major by the State University of Maringá, with the Academic Laurea title.

IBS Americas, the WCMA´s sponsor, is a member of the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). The institution offers short-term international programs since 2003, in areas such as: Finance, Strategy and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Projects, Leadership, Communications and Innovation.

Also awarded in 2018 were: in the Education category – Prof. Carlos Alberto Di Lorenzo (PhD); in the Institution category: Fundação Estudar. The winners of WCMA 2017 were: education: Duncan Chaloba (Prof. of Economics, Relations and International Business at PUC–Campinas); Executives: Elizabeth Farina (CEO of Única and Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Cana de Açúcar – Brazilian Association of Sugar Cane Industry), Ronaldo Pereira (Vice President for Agricultural Solutions of FMC Corporation and President of FMC Latin America) and Mauricio Antônio Lopes (President of EMBRAPA- Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária – Brazilian Agricultural Research Company).

According to Nôga Simões: “I am very happy to see Jayme and CINQ being awarded in the executive category, because CINQ exports for 15 years and be present in a recognition like this to the company, through one of its Founder and Director, is rewarding, because it shows we are on the right track. CINQ has encouraged and formed more and more global employees, who have fluent English and know how to relate to other companies in Brazil and around the world and Jayme, and the other partners, Edson Althoff and Aldir Brandão, have emphasized this here.”

The WCMA took place on November 23rd, at the Club Homs, in São Paulo and counted with other companies and institutions from Brazil and the world: Impacta Tecnologia University, CSN, Banco do Brasil, GOL, BFFC (Brazilian Fast Foods), GPA (Grupo Pão de Açúcar), Magazine Luiza, Hospital Santa Catarina, LARES (Latin America Real Estate Society), Sampaio Assessoria Empresarial.

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