SAP: What expects in 2018?

SAP: What expects in 2018?

The IT market tendencies and perspectives for 2018 in the United States, the most advanced marketplace in the world, will dictate the business rules for all the other countries for the next years in subjects such as IoT, AI, learning machine, SD-WAN cybersecurity.

Infor Channel Magazine talked with leaders of the most influential IT worldwide companies there to understand how the cloud, Communication Plataform as a Service, Management Service Provider,  and WAN will support the large number of connected devices and how the channel can profit understanding the customer business as much as the technology and security matters in 2018 and the following years.

Terri Snell, Vice Presidente de Solution GTM, Global Channels e General Business da SAP North America

Infor Channel – What is the main challenge for the technology reseller in 2018?

Terri Snell – There are a couple key challenges the technology reseller faces in 2018: focus and the cloud.  As new technologies hit the market every day, it will be critical for resellers to stay up to speed and focus in an area where they can provide value to their clients.  Resellers that try to do too much will not be able to execute.  Most importantly, resellers who have not done so already need to ensure they evolve to the cloud.  Regardless of solution, businesses are transforming their deployment model and the answer is not if, only when.

IC – What are the major changes that must occur in the IT market by 2020 that are already impacting business right now?

TS – The Internet of everything.  If IT departments don’t have an IoT strategy already, they need one.  We have the ability to tap into intelligence all along the supply chain and having this data at a client’s fingertips will become more and more critical to their ability to compete.

IC – What influences the solution developer when choosing a distributor?

TS – In my experience, breadth of solutions and services is the old table stakes.  Now distributors need to provide more value added services to help their partners stay competitive.  They need to be able to help enable their partners to establish a cloud business and execute.  When a solution developer is choosing a distributor, this should be top of mind.

IC – What is the main value that IT distributors can add to the solution companies?

TS – Distributors can help their solutions companies with the challenges of capitalizing on the digital revolution.  This should encompass facilitating the cloud transformation in their partner companies as well as helping each to find their own unique niche.  On the sales side, consensus buying is here to stay, helping their partners to be armed and ready to take advantage of this trend is an important component to a successful distributor.

IC – With the increasing demand for cloud solutions, how do you see the role of the distributor in the chain?

TS – The distributor is essential here and they play a key role.  VADs need to make it economically viable for solution providers to transform their company.  This needs to encompass enablement, resources, offerings and seamless processes.


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